lundi 9 mars 2009

WIPs and FOs

Got an old hibernating friend out of her winter wraps, thinking it might make spring roll on: so here is Silk Babette, laid out on the dining-room table, getting the last few dozens of seams done. And when I'm through, there's still the border to do; hopefully, that won't take another six months.
Le petit tas rose dans le coin, c'est une brassière pour l'opération de Marie: layette d'avril. Elle est maintenant en attente des boutons. Encore une petite paire de chaussons ou deux, et je lui expédie son paquet.

And for the best project, you'll have to wait for the recipient to come home and model it: The sweater requested by my son has been completed, and even worn!! and even got pepper stains on its front, which luckily I managed to get off with some soap.
Vive le savon de Marseille.

3 commentaires:

Christine a dit…

Ta Babette est superbe, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs que tu as choisies !

verobirdie a dit…

Très jolie Babette! Les couleurs sont superbes.

emmafassio a dit…

Beautiful Babette...and I want to see also the other project..