dimanche 26 septembre 2010

Let's patronise!

It hit me in the eye last week!
I haven't changed my blog-trawling habits, it's still the same round of craft-oriented people I check out on a daily basis, but for some reason I suddenly became aware of something. Maybe it was there before, but I'm sure in some cases it is a comparatively new development.
Voici déjà quelques mois, les annonces vantant les charmes de jolies demoiselles d'Europe de l'Est sur le blog de mon ami gallois lui avait déjà valu une gentille raillerie de ma part, mais aujourd'hui je me sens cernée.
C'est l'apparition de petites vidéos incrustées qui a provoqué le déclic.
Dites-moi les copines, les clopinettes que Google vous dispense peut-être pour l'autoriser à scruter votre prose afin de l'accompagner de réclames plus ou moins incongrues justifient-elles cette invasion? S'est-elle faite (je n'ose le croire) à l'insu de votre plein gré?
Et si ça se trouve, les nouveaux paramètres de Blogger, que j'ai approuvés sans lire en détail tous les paragraphes en petits caractères, font que chez moi aussi, ces intrusions commerciales font florès....
Say it ain't so, Joe, please!

samedi 25 septembre 2010

Ce n'est qu'un début...

et pour continuer le combat, on peut aller ici

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Il parait que tu as un blog...

I don't really publicise it, so it's always with a mixture of surprise, pride and worry that I hear the sentence : "so I hear you've got a blog..." especially a blog like this. Those who know me as a middle-aged high-school teacher may find the knitterly pursuits a little shallow and I suspect some of the knitters who land here via ravelry sometimes get put off by the radical views.

J'ai donc jeté un coup d'oeil oblique à Emre ce matin, quand il a fait allusion à ce blog, dont il ignorait l'existence, mais qu'il allait passer voir. Je me suis bien gardée de lui en donner l'adresse. Si tu le trouves Emre, je salue ta perspicacité. Laisse-moi un petit signe de ton passage.

We were on our way to another big demo in Marseille, to protest the pension reform; but truly to show how sick and tired we all are of a government that is slashing everything that holds the country together, what still provides a modicum of protection and security to the less privileged among us, like access to health care, education and other public services.

Je ne sais pas ce soir quelle ampleur avait la mobilisation dans la rue, mais j'aimerais que tous nous ayons la forme de Sylvie, prête à faire face et à escalader des murs d'injustice:

jeudi 9 septembre 2010

I'm not religious

J'ai adoré cette initiative de cyb sur Facebook : au moment où des cinglés prônent l'autodafé le 11 septembre, elle vous propose d'acheter le Coran au lieu de le brûler.
Histoire de montrer que la tolérance est plus importante que jamais.

So here is the message:
I believe that love is stronger than hate, that compassion is more effective than combat, and that silence is as good as an endorsement.
I declare the 11th of September to be International Buy A Q’uran Day.
I have no authority to do so, just the faith that others who are horrified by intolerant, ignorant, inflammatory actions of some countrymen will decide that this is a time to stand up for peace, to say, We Do Not Endorse This, to donate a holy book to a place of worship, to purchase a holy text not of their own tradition, to actively promote the freedom of religion on which our country was founded.
Maybe we own a Q’uran already. Perhaps finances are sticky, and we can’t afford to buy books now. Can we take a text from our shelf, from our local library, out in public to read? Let us show our support of religious tolerance no matter our monetary situation. If we can, let us purchase more than one Q’uran, in order to read one and to donate the others. If there are things in the text that make us uncomfortable, let us return to the holy texts of our own traditions, and re-read them to investigate whether there are passages therein which do not support our notions of faith and spirituality.
Please, invite everyone to this “event”. Let us seek first to understand, to be the change we wish to see in the world. Let us fight fire with water, sweet clear water dipped from a well of knowledge, shared with everyone who thirsts for kindness, patience and tolerance.
Let us love one another and together wage a Peacewar that includes everyone everywhere.
I embrace you all.

mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Marching with the force

The trouble with very big demos in Marseille is that teachers usually bring up the rear, except when there are students, and then they march last. I suppose as a long-suffering and self-effacing lot, we don't insist on grabbing first places to catch media attention.
The result is that we have to stand around waiting for every one else to have moved on before we can start. Yesterday, two hours after the first demonstrators had set off, we were still waiting, wearily clutching our signs and banners.

Nous avons donc décidé d'aller taper l'incruste chez d'autres corps qui défilaient, en remontant le cortège. C'est ainsi que nous avons fait un petit bout de chemin avec les policiers du SGP,

puis rejoint le collectif des handicapés "ni pauvre ni soumis".

vendredi 3 septembre 2010

Si ça vous dit

Je ne pourrai pas y aller, hélas, mais c'est de bon coeur que je fais la pub'

Et voici l'adresse du site: en plus, il y aura un atelier-tricot le samedi après-midi.