mercredi 8 septembre 2010

Marching with the force

The trouble with very big demos in Marseille is that teachers usually bring up the rear, except when there are students, and then they march last. I suppose as a long-suffering and self-effacing lot, we don't insist on grabbing first places to catch media attention.
The result is that we have to stand around waiting for every one else to have moved on before we can start. Yesterday, two hours after the first demonstrators had set off, we were still waiting, wearily clutching our signs and banners.

Nous avons donc décidé d'aller taper l'incruste chez d'autres corps qui défilaient, en remontant le cortège. C'est ainsi que nous avons fait un petit bout de chemin avec les policiers du SGP,

puis rejoint le collectif des handicapés "ni pauvre ni soumis".

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