vendredi 1 février 2008

Progress report

Ce week-end les copies vont laisser place à des activités plus épanouissantes: stage chant qui s'annonce gai et arrosé. Avant d'aller concocter les petits cakes qui accompagneront le traditionnel apéro d'intronisation des nouveaux au TGGG, je poste ici un petit aperçu de la veste en Noro Iro commencée la semaine dernière.

The other WIP, a beaded scarf called "fire queen" after the beautiful "ice queen" that everybody seems to be knitting, is also coming on nicely, and I hope I can show off a photo of the finished object soon. My ravelry account has emerged from the dormant stage, and I have experienced the temptations of the community. A few hours have been spent foolishly, confess, checking out projects that I'll never have time to even consider starting.

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