mercredi 20 février 2008

No flowers for me, please!

This morning I picked a couple of daffodils to grace the kitchen table, since I have told my kids and lover that I don't want to be given bunches of roses and carnations any more; (not that I ever got masses of them, but the occasional red rose came to say something sweet).
Last week, for Valentine's day, we were reminded that the lovely flowers that are supposed to symbolise love and affection deprive human beings from land and water in southern countries like Kenya where they are grown, and from which they are flown at a massive cost for our environment.

J'ai donc fait le voeu de ne plus envoyer de fleurs à maman, mais je trouverai autre chose, qui ne condamne pas de pauvres gens à travailler pour des salaires de misère et des pays du sud à gaspiller leur eau à arroser des fleurs pour décorer nos maisons en hiver.
On attendra impatiemment le printemps, pour cueillir les premières jonquilles.

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Jon a dit…

Look here

Tamara a dit…

I always knew hand-picked flowers were nicer!