vendredi 5 octobre 2007

Long time no blog

Qui sait? Il y a peut-être quelqu'un qui passe par ici de temps à autre, et trouve que la star tourne à la tare, de tirer au flanc et ne plus rien poster. J'ai des circonstances atténuantes: mes passionnantes communications sur le site de mes élèves (forum privé, sorry), et sur leurs copies, sous forme de hiéroglyphes rouges (ou roses, ou mauve, ou verts, violet, orange, ça dépend de mon inspiration)

But I have an FO to show off (though nothing grand), a pretty headband to keep my darling daughter's ears warm:

It is knitty's calorimetry, knitted with virtually no alterations, except I thought it a little wide. But even Chloe's boyfriend found it to his liking. There's a sweater to match on the needles, so soon I hope it will be ready to photograph. In the meantime, it's back to marking stacks of papers, and maybe I can find a couple of hours to plant my newly arrived pansies and carnations.

2 commentaires:

knitaly a dit…

Che bel colore!
Ciao a te ed a tua figlia!
(I'm sure you did understand it!)

meredic a dit…

Hey I keep looking in even if it is just a lurk.