lundi 15 octobre 2007

bloggy Monday

Well, what have I done for my planet today? Not much I'm afraid : resisted the temptation to water what was once "a lawn"- well something flattish and yellowish, still waiting for the long overdue September downpour that usually marks the end of summer in these parts; switched off a couple of unnecessary lights at school and at home; discussed the potential threats to our environment with students who can't think why it makes good sense (even business sense) to pay some Ecuadoran forest inhabitants for not exploiting their underground oil reserves; and came home to do something most environmentally unfriendly and hugely carbon-footprinting (if such an adjective can be invented):

I sat down to a glass of Martinican white rhum with a twist of lime shipped all the way from Mexico and a spoonful of brown sugar imported direct from my native Guadeloupe, because after reading Cristiana's lovely post about her home country, I needed to let myself be carried away by nostalgia.
So sorry planet, but you know, most days I stick to Provence wine.

2 commentaires:

meredic a dit…

Make mine a large one.

Alice a dit…

Thanks for your comment on my blog (on the economics of craft). In some ways I agree with you, craft to me is "play time" and it is slightly frustrating to see it considered in a political/ moral sense.

I don't mean to judge peoples escapes to indulgance (goodness knows, I have a pretty indulgant life), or say everyone HAD to think about the politics of it. I was just working through some thoughts I had around the issue.