dimanche 23 septembre 2007

La vie est belle (parfois)

Early-ish on Sunday morning, and my lion off for the day to rehearsal, the blue and gold morning feels like the first day of the holidays: plenty of time on my hands, and I can take it easy after the mad rush of the last two weeks. Of course I'll start panicking around midday, and even now I tell myself that I should know better. But I claim the right to foolishness, and so I'll spend the next few hours in blissful pretence that there is no school tomorrow.
Another reason for being elated: I've just joined the Domiknitrix club, having received this great book yesterday. Can't wait to get started on a model, but I can't decide which one first.

C'est ma fille qui me donne l'occasion de prendre un peu de temps pour écrire ici: les deux semaines de reprise sont passées sans que je trouve une minute pour blogger, mais j'aurai quand même bientôt un FO à présenter, qui ressemble encore à une boule de fibres multicolores.
Voici donc en attendant la carte que m'a donnée ma "fille préférée" : traduction pas garantie, vu ma connaissance limtée de l'allemand: Dieu a beaucoup de noms, mais Maman est sûrement l'un d'eux. Divin, non?

2 commentaires:

meredic a dit…

I wonder if you came across this at some point?
Perhaps too frivolous.

startare a dit…

Thank you for the link; looks great fun. I've also heard of some giant scarves being knitted for the lions on Trafalgar Square for charity. I must confess I haven't got round to doing good deeds of that sort, though I keep thinking I ought to.