mardi 4 septembre 2007

Le ciel est par dessus le toit (what's the story, morning glory?)

So it's back to school and obviously, summer's back too. It's also fig season starting, and among the most sensuous experiences I know is eating a fresh fig straight off the tree, still warm from the sun and all gooey where the white gummy stuff comes out. My tree is green figs, so you know they're ready to eat from the stretch marks in the skin and a slight limpness in the angle at which they hang that say the time is ripe. All you need to do is pull it open and enjoy the burgundy coloured flesh.

Rentrée des classes, avec un peu de soleil, tant mieux, tant pis?
En tout cas, j'ai pu envoyer à Mélody son bustier, et me consoler de la fin des vacances en posant avec mon petit pull en coton , juste bien pour un jour de septembre un peu venteux.

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Pico a dit…
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Pico a dit…

Garde quelques figues pour les confitures et n'oublie pas non plus les tartes :)
Le Lion omnivore

startare a dit…

impossible d'oublier les tartes, nous sommes cernés;)

knitaly a dit…

Did you ever try figs and ham?
I like them as an hors-d'œuvre!

startare a dit…

Hi Cristiana, do you just serve the figs raw? do you slice them? sounds delicious