samedi 29 mai 2010

I'm not on Facebook

So far, I have stubbornly turned down all the invitations from would-be "friends", even those emanating from people I love in the real world. I know all my exes are on there, and there has been the temptation to go and reassure myself that going our separate ways was, in fact, in our mutual interest. I know my kids and my nephews are on there, and posting news and photos of their lives. I know there is intelligent debate and action going on there, led by like-minded people. And still, I feel deep wariness and unease at the idea of letting this "network" insinuate itself into my privacy, maybe a little further than I would really wish.

Mais voilà qu'une tentation plus forte que les autres demande à être combattue: mon fils m'apprend que sur Facebok existe le groupe le plus improbable, et le plus irrésistible: celui des "propriétaires de chats qui mangent des éponges". Signe du destin: il compte 13 membres. Retenez-moi, je ne sais pas si je tiendrai longtemps!

Et voici le coupable, feignant l'innocence, mais se voilant la face, tout de même!

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meredic a dit…

Yeah but .... none can resist the power of the dark side.....