dimanche 13 juin 2010


Last week-end, we had the inevitable end-of-year show with my fellow belly-dancers. Our number was rather more modest (in more than one sense) than many of the others, but I will not post any pictures of it, if only because I have none, and will not go out of my way to find one. There is at least one of us who, I'm sure, had summoned hubby and friends to take photos, but I'd rather not see them, let alone show them!

Mais dans ce groupe, notre star, c'est Laure, une jolie jeune femme souriante qui aime le rouge: une couleur qui vibre et qui pétille comme elle. Elle voulait que je lui fasse un sac comme mon petit "project bag", mais je n'ai pas eu le temps, alors ce sera cette trousse:

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meredic a dit…

not even one picture?