samedi 15 mai 2010

While it is spring...

and before it goes back to miserable wet weather, I've got my obliging companion to take a couple of photos of a few finished objects: in the order of completion

a Phildar jacket, in Rowan chunky Scottish tweed

a pinwheel sweater from elann, in a lovely cotton and mohair blend I got on ebay

et deux paires de chaussettes, bleues elles aussi: les foncées en Araucania, modèle Knitzy, et les claires en laine à chaussettes générique de je ne sais plus où, modèle River Rapids sur Ravelry

3 commentaires:

anne a dit…

et ben dis donc...tout ça !
quelle productivité, j'adore les chaussettes et le pinwheel aussi!

meredic a dit…

Summer barely here and you wish bad weather on us again woman!
Nice togs!

Heather a dit…

I am so impressed at how much you have accomplished! Lovely work!