mardi 21 août 2007

Starting Startare

Et voilà, je me lance.

Après avoir parcouru des heures entières les journaux de tricoteuses enragées, (Pièce montée à tous les jours, Tricot méthode Frankenstein, etc), de jeunes talents encore méconnus ou même de flamands sans amis (et sans doute philosophes), c'est mon tour.

Comment ne pas sombrer dans un océan de nombrilisme, quand je n'ai pas de cause à promouvoir, de projet précis à faire connaître, de passion originale pour la culture de telle plante ou la conservation de telle grenouille?

On va voir à l'épreuve du temps ce que pourra devenir ce petit objet virtuel, que je tâcherai de mener en deux langues (anglais et en français), comme notre vaillante ingénieure des ponts italienne qui a été une de mes inspiratrices.

E la nave va...

Today beingthe first day of the rest of my life, as we wisely had posted up over our beds when we were teenagers in the 70's, I am starting on a new kind of post, inspired by many passionate knitters
and by my very special friend Meredic, who keeps a lively and delightful account of his bottom (or is it his heart?), and manages to be riveting but never self-indulgent.

And now I can see why having comments is so crucial, it's like being in the middle of virtual nowhere and shouting 'is there anyone out there?' From now on I promise I'll leave even trivial comments to all of you dear strangers whose blogs I visit.

4 commentaires:

knitaly a dit…

I'm very proud to write a comment on this brand new blog! All I can say is this, you're not alone in the middle of virtual nowhere, you'll have lot of fun and surprises! Enjoy and good luck!

startare a dit…

thank you very much for your comment; I am hoping to post a picture of your "prickly pear" which I knitted for a niece; but first I need to get the hang of this blog thing!

meredic a dit…

Gah! I should have paid more attention and been first. Welcome to blogsphere. Love the Crocs.

puggyknits a dit…

Bonjour! That, and, "Que la Force soit avec vous" is pretty much all the French I know... oh wait. "Mange le fenetre"... or is it "la fenetre"... I could never remember word gender. Welcome to bloggerville, and thanks for posting in both French and English, for those of us who are multi-culturally challenged... looking forward to you getting the hang of things and being able to view your knitterly things!