jeudi 12 août 2010

A rogue by any other name....

.... is a frog!

Would you believe it, I've had to frog two thirds of the first sleeve after it was totally completed, because my alterations didn't really produce the effect I had expected.

Pourquoi diantre ne nous sommes pas construits comme des playmobil? la confection des manches de pull à capuche serait très nettement facilitée. Heureusement, la petite tunique du Vogue été 2010 n'a que de petits mancherons qui n'ont pas posé de problème, et la voici terminée: 300g d'un mélange lin et soie de Colourmart, plein de personnalité.

Even though the yarn looked a little rough and dry on the cone, it was a pleasure to knit up. The end result has a lovely drape, and feels amazingly cool and soft to the skin. I would definitely recommend it for any summer knitting.