dimanche 17 mai 2009

Bread and news

Dimanche matin, un petit tour au village avec les chansons du TGGG à réviser dans les oreilles.
Et au retour dans le filet tout neuf, très librement inspiré d'Elisa nest tote, du pain de campagne dans son sachet de kraft, et des nouvelles du monde.

Today is IDAHO, and the French government has just announced transsexuals will no longer be considered as nutcases. About time, you might think, after all this is the 21st century! Well, it seems that most countries do not regard choosing one's gender identity as a basic, obvious, inalienable right. And if you look at the Russian government's attitude to the Moscow gays who wanted to stage a march for the Eurovision contest yesterday, there still is a long way to go...

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toto a dit…

j'aime beaucoup ton filet (et je commence à savoir de quoi je parle...!)