vendredi 10 août 2012

Behold the lilies...

No, I haven't turned into a scripture-quoting born-again Christian, but yesterday my dear friend Meredic suggested on FB that it was Naked Gardening Day again.

Un coup d'oeil au calendrier officiel m'a appris que cet événement capital est fixé début mai par ses organisateurs, et que c'est la Nuit des Etoiles qui est programmée ce week-end. Qu'un astronome amateur aussi éclairé que Meredic confonde la lune et les étoiles, ça m'étonnait. Mais au diable les calendriers officiels, j'ai décrété moi aussi la Journée du Jardin A Poil pour moi toute seule sur mon gazon.

As my dear neighbours have been inspired to up and off for their week's holiday at Granny's, I was able to go and do the weeding in my birthday suit without fear of mutual embarrassment. For the sake of modesty, I will spare you the full picture, but you can see that I didn't even wear gloves, to show how seriously I took the whole thing!

After about fifteen minutes, I found it was a little too hot for strenuous tasks, so I just did a little watering, and I think every hot day should be decreed Naked Watering Day.

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verobirdie a dit…

Well, well, well. J'imagine l'effet par chez moi :-)