dimanche 25 septembre 2011

Et maintenant on va où?

A few months ago "Incendies" had made a lasting impression on me: it was a heart-rending account of the civil war in Lebanon, masterfully filmed by a Canadian director. Yesterday we went to see "Where do we go now?", on the same topic, but in a very different style. It is a strange mixture of slapstick, romantic comedy and even musical, which reminded me at times of the golden era of Italian cinema in the seventies. 
The message about religion is clear, but comes across in a subtle way: it is the problem, and part of the solution, but even after the priest and the imam have joined forces, the question remains : "where do we go now"?

Un film au charme un peu désuet, tendre, très féminin, décalé, dont on sort ému, mais le coeur léger.

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