dimanche 13 février 2011

Belle ciao

Un salut amical à nos soeurs transalpines qui étaient dans les rues aujourd'hui par milliers, pour rappeler que les femmes sont des hommes pas comme certains autres, Dieu merci!

And we too could shout "If not now, then when?", when will women get equal pay or when will we truly have an end to gender-related violence?

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Knitaly a dit…

Grazie Startare!

I strongly believe we still have to reach true equality with men here in Italy, and the feminine role is underevaluated by italian television programs...but I feel uncomfortable rather then reassured by today protest.

I wish this will be a start to change our society every day from now on, and not only a political manipulation of a true and undeniable unequality.

Ciao bella!