samedi 3 octobre 2009

Le rouge et le noir

After many months without a resident feline (apart from the lion king of my heart), the house is now again home to a four-legged creature, black as night and cute as can be, like all kittens, except even more so.
He had been called Fangio by his original hosts, as he's really quick off the mark, and we decided to keep the name. Although he is still quite small, and rather skinny, he looks like a real hunter, and has already scared off the neighbour's cat, who's twice his size.
Et le rouge, c'est cette magnifique surprise, arrivée par courrier express de Colombie Britannique, qui est l'oeuvre de l'adorable Heather, une âme-soeur de la Toile (et du fil et de la laine.) Pour remercier ses fidèles, elle les a gâtées, et mon lot, c'est donc ce sac japonisant, aussi beau à l'envers qu'à l'endroit, qui me permettra de transporter mes ouvrages avec style.

It reflects on her creative and lively serenity, and the rich colours of the flowery print filled my heart with a warm glow, on this beautiful early autumn day. Thank you Heather!

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