lundi 3 novembre 2008

Le retour

I can't believe it is almost two months, and yet it's true, I have not posted for ages. Life has been more or less the same, marginally more hectic maybe, but somehow it didn't seem worth my trouble, or yours gentle reader, if you exist.

Mais malgré ces doutes existentiels, associés à une certaine flemme, combinés à l'usure du temps qui passe et au grignotage du temps qui reste, me revoici, pour vous présenter les dernières réalisations de l'atelier : une sorte de Back to school rallongé, en Silver Thaw de Noro.

J'ai aussi amoureusement tricoté des chaussettes à rayures pour aider mon chéri à affronter l'hiver.

After the glorious teachers' swap, I joined one organised by Luciep for the francophone knitters' group on Ravelry, and got spoilt:

Unfortunately Biscotte, my swappee hasn't received my package yet, but here's a pic of the little bag I included to hold the items I'd chosen for her; the theme was " a colour", and she had picked burnt orange. Yes I know my bag is emerald green and off-white, but I meant to add my personal touch, and since she has not seen the inside yet, I am not spoiling the surprise.

In between time, I went to visit my mother in Paris for a couple of days, and checked out a yarn store on rue de Réaumur which I had read about on Ravelry (yes, you've guessed, the fact I haven't been blogging much lately has something to do with that den of temptations ). We chose a lovely steely grey merino to make a pair of convertible mittens for her, with the help and advice of the store owner, a funny woman who seemed initially a little gruff, but turned out quite chatty after a few minutes. We were thankful for the half-hour out of the rain, and I told them of the impending hordes of Ravelers about to descend on her establishment like myself.

Et bien sûr, il faut dire un mot de mon nouveau fond d'écran: la révolte par Luigi Russolo, un peintre futuriste italien. Cette toile pleine d'inspiration et violente comme la vie fait partie de l'expo "Le futurisme à Paris" du centre Beaubourg.

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ta fille a dit…

eh mais c mon pull!

Biscotte a dit…


:-D :-D :-D :-D

Christine a dit…

Que ton pull est beau, je l'adore !!

meredic a dit…

Dear writer, yes we are out there.
I think a happy birthday is around about due as well isnt it?